Thank you for allowing me to Share In and Capture your memories.


Please ensure that you look for your images within the full body of your relevant Gallery as many 'Candids' exist. Additionally: although attempted not all event based photographs are in exact sequential order.


Once you have selected your photographs you may crop, color correct (to your specific liking) then place an order of those Images (in quantities and selected sizes). Your Selections will be mailed directly to you from the lab. Final receipt, in home, varies (as soon as 3-5 days) depending on product selected and method of delivery chosen.


Please note: you do not need to 'sign-up' for ZenFolio to review Photographs, you may view as a 'Guest'..

I thank you once again for your cooperation, being photographed as well as today as you peruse your relevant Gallery.


If you have any concerns, queries, feedback or would like further editing or product please do not hesitate to contact me, through the contact link above or via direct email. ([email protected])


Additionally: I always, as a Photographer, enjoy your impressions as well as notes of 'feedback' that you may share. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me.


Thanks again and Happy viewing!

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